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It’s not every day that your tech skills can help protect national security, but that’s exactly what you’ll do if you join the UK’s Intelligence Services. Here, your work has a different kind of impact, and it’s one that affects everyone.

Collectively we’re the UK’s Intelligence Services, but we’re made up of three different agencies that all act and use technology in different ways.

MI5 keeps the country safe from serious threats like terrorism and attempts by states to harm the UK, its people and way of life. They carry out investigations by obtaining, analysing and assessing intelligence, and then work with a range of partners, including MI6 and GCHQ to disrupt these threats.

MI6 are the UK’s secret intelligence service, and they work secretly around the world to make the UK safer and more prosperous. They focus on developing foreign contacts, gathering intelligence, and navigating any risks to the UK’s national security, economy and military. They also work to resolve international conflict and prevent the spread of weapons.

GCHQ are the UK’s intelligence and cyber agency, protecting the country using cutting-edge technology, technical creativity and a wide range of partnerships. They use our capabilities to work against terrorism, cyberthreats, and serious and organised crime. They also play a crucial role in giving the UK a strategic advantage and providing support to the military.

We might be three agencies, but we’re united under one mission – to protect the UK. Technology is central to this goal, which is why we’re always looking for people with different talents, skills, and perspectives to join us.

Work in different places and spaces.

People often assume that a work-life balance isn’t possible given the nature of the work we do. But that’s just not true.

The wellbeing of our teams is incredibly important, so we offer a range of flexible working options, including remote work, flexitime, part-time, and compressed hours. And for some roles, work has to stay within our walls. Meaning when you leave the office, you truly leave work behind you.

You don’t have to live in London to join us – we’re spread all across the UK. So depending on the role and organisation, you’ll have opportunities to work in London, Cheltenham, Manchester, Bude, or Scarborough.

Enjoy plenty of support from day one.

No matter where you are in your career, you can count on us for plenty of support. Once you become part of our team, we’ll make sure you receive full training on our systems. And as you continue to grow, we’ll give you the opportunity to enhance your skills even more. We also have dedicated support networks to help you succeed. This means we’ll give you the encouragement and freedom to get the best out of yourself and the opportunities available to you.

Discover one-of-a-kind opportunities.

Across MI5, MI6, and GCHQ, we’ve got a range of opportunities available. From software development to data science, information assurance to cyber security, project management to manufacturing – we’ve got a role for everyone.

When it comes to accessing sensitive government information, security is our top priority. That’s why you’ll undergo vetting before joining us. It’s simply our way of ensuring the highest level of security while granting you the necessary access.

To be eligible to apply to one of our positions, you must be a British Citizen. If you hold dual nationality, of which one component is British, your application will still be considered.

Generally, you’ll need to have been a resident in the UK for seven out of the last ten years, with exceptions for specific circumstances, like studying abroad or serving in the military. We’ll require references for the time you lived abroad.

You can apply at 17 years of age. If successful, we’ll coordinate a start date after your 18th birthday.

Hopefully, you’ll find a role below that fits your aspirations. But if not, stay tuned as we’re always updating our listings and hiring wonderful people to help us keep the UK safe.

Are you an experienced digital and tech professional who is keen to explore a job with the intelligence agencies but can't find a suitable role right now, or are you just eager to learn more about what to expect? Join our Tech Talent Network, where you will be kept up to date with news, events, and information about jobs here Tech Talent Network - Recruitment Services (

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